2015, Kyoto, Japan, in August

At the beginning of August we went to Kyoto, Japan for a few days. It was my first time to visit this country whose culture I have read about for many years. I did a little more specific research about Kyoto so I would have some idea where to start my exploration. Diane Durstan’s book Old Kyoto gave me lots of good information. I looked for and found several of the old traditional shops listed in her book. The following gallery covers Monday and Tuesday of the visit.

On Wednesday morning, Ken and I visited Tofukuji Temple, famous for its fall maple leaves and rock garden.

And in the afternoon, we went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, a large popular and crowded temple in the ceramic district.

On Thursday, I walked around the neighbourhood near the hotel. I went to three museums to see modern and traditional art, taking breaks to get out of the heat.

On Friday, Ken and I went up to Mt. Hiei to see the Enryakuji Temple complex. We ended our day at dinner with a Japanese speaking friend.

On our last morning in Kyoto we walked the Philosopher’s walk along a stream past beautiful homes.

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