2015, February – Victoria, Australia

I have wanted to visit Australia since my grade 5 project on the Emu, a creature from this part of the world. So much is unfamiliar: flora, fauna, night sky. It’s an amazing place.

WBPhillipIsland36 WBPhillipIsland37WBmap00

2 thoughts on “2015, February – Victoria, Australia

  1. Hi Sara- Sounds like you are having a good (and creatively stimulating) time down under. To further enhance your enjoyment you won’t be sad to know you have missed the return to typical winter weather here. Carry on with the exploration…..I’m off to shovel last night’s accumulation on this fine -9°C morning.


  2. Ah yes, typical winter. It will likely be a shock once I’m back breathing Alberta air. It has not been a typical summer here. Temperatures have been on the cool side which suits me fine. You’ll be hearing from me.


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