2014, November – Welcome you who are curious

As Facebook is not for everyone I present this personal view of the world as I pass through it. I welcome your comments and questions.


7 thoughts on “2014, November – Welcome you who are curious

  1. Sara- Thanks for the vicarious travel experience. I love the highly personal and quirky collection of places and things which caught your eye or captured your imagination. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing….


  2. What fun, thanks for passing your fun forward. I made my first visit to Australia and New Zealand this pass May. Fred had business in the suburbs outside of Sydney. It took us over a week to set our body clocks in sync with their time zones. Sounds like you’re doing well. Really like your pics, more via snail mail.


  3. Love your blog and website Sara! Can’t see all the portraits from OZ.. but your work is so beautiful …. love the storytelling element of it and also the rawness =)


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